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Ignorance of the law is harmful. The line between acting in accordance with the law and acting contrary to the letter of the law is small narrow, while the lack of awareness of what may be considered a crime and what not, leads to the penalization of behaviors and actions that were previously not considered as such.

This applies in particular to economic activity. Currently, entrepreneurs face new challenges related to running their business in a manner consistent with the growing number of regulations, thus wanting to minimize the risk of potential liability, including criminal liability.





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Our law firm has extensive experience in providing services to business entities, under which we offer direct legal assistance when there is a need to defend themselves at the stage of preparatory proceedings and in a court trial.


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Thanks to several years of litigation practice and representing clients in the courtroom, including litig…

Insurance law

We provide legal services to clients of the insurance sector. Our insurance team has extensive and many y…

Service for business entities

We provide services to economic entities from various sectors of the economy, such as the construction in…
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Court proceedings under the 4th Directive

The Fourth Motor Insurance Directive established the institution of the Compensation Body, whose function…
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Economic criminal law

Ignorance of the law is harmful. The line between acting in accordance with the law and acting contrary t…
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Medical law

We advise entities from the healthcare sector, including manufacturers and distributors of medicinal prod…
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NGOs, foundations and associations

The dynamic development of the third socio-economic sector, which are non-profit organizations in recent …
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PRO BONO a challenge for the future

We support local businesses, promote art and education by engaging in pro bono activities. Social commitm…

Cosmetic law

Recent years have been an intensive time of development of the cosmetics industry in Poland. Big internat…
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Family law

Many years of experience in the art of negotiation allowed us to gain experience in running family matter…
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Law and art

Many years of experience in servicing business entities provided by the team of the Law Firm, including l…

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There are roads that should not be followed, armies that should not be attacked, fortresses that should not be besieged, territories that should not be fought over, ordinances that should not be followed.”

The Art of War by Sun Zi (Sun Tzu)