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Partner at the Ciesielski Oczachowska law firm. Since 2010, an attorney at the Greater Poland Bar Association.

Magdalena is an attorney-at-law with extensive corporate experience. She manages the business entities department of the Law Firm, in particular in the field of construction, food, medical and cosmetics.

She has advised in many complex corporate disputes requiring a strategic approach. She has experience in creating a concept / legal model for start-ups, focused on the dynamic development of entities she creates in the field of comprehensive service - from registration of entities to verification in the field of intellectual property law.

She is an active trial lawyer - represents clients before common courts (in commercial and civil disputes). Recently, Magdalena has been servicing foreign insurers by conducting cross-border cases.





She has extensive experience in servicing non-governmental organizations, especially those running a business. Actively participates in representing the organization and ongoing services related to their functioning.

Many years of experience in negotiations allowed her to develop experience in complex family matters. A supporter of an agreement developed in the best interest of the client.

A participant of many international conferences, Vice President of the Poland-Haiti Foundation, is involved in activities for other non-governmental organizations, especially educational ones.

Privately, Nina's mother, an enthusiast of Caribbean travel and art, organizer of many non-profit events, promotes the slogan - let's spend our time in pro bono activities.

Speaks English and French.




When dealing with clients' cases, we use knowledge, experience and innovation to improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided. Our ironclad rules are:





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