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Partner at the Law Firm Ciesielski Oczachowska advocate partnership. He completed the court apprenticeship. Since 1999, he has been an attorney of the Wielkopolska Bar Association.

He specializes in handling insurance processes, in civil law and criminal law.

He manages the service department of the Law Firm's insurance companies.

For over a dozen years he has been providing services to insurance entities. He created a highly specialized team dealing with insurance matters and criminal proceedings in commercial matters.

His activities cover such areas as: corporate disputes, litigation and criminal investigations in commercial disputes.





Sławomir is an outstanding lawyer in the field of litigation, he has extraordinary experience in advising on disputes concerning insurance law, contract law and compensation.

Multiple participant of thematic conferences organized by the Polish Chamber of Insurance.

Privately, a father of 4 children, passionate about Kendo and eastern martial arts.



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