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We provide services to economic entities from various sectors of the economy, such as the construction industry, the cosmetics industry, and the food industry. As part of its activities, the Law Firm offers you advice and comprehensive services for a natural person running a business,

civil partnerships, partnerships (general partnership, limited partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership), limited liability companies, associations and foundations. Starting from the stage of creating a given economic entity, through its ongoing service, we help you get through the difficult aspects of running a business.





Number of cases per year


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The services provided by the Law Firm include, among others:


- Establishment of companies by creating or acquiring one of ours

- Daily and ongoing legal services, e.g. preparation of corporate documents

- Financing, mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures


- Restructuring or winding-up proceedings

- Preparation and negotiation of construction contracts, investment contracts

- Adapting the company's statute to the changing economic conditions and goals of the company and partners

- Preparation of regulations, draft resolutions and internal regulations


- Representing companies, partners and members of the company's bodies in difficult issues related to conflicts and ownership disputes

- Analysis of technical and development conditions for the investment project

- Examine the legal compliance of already completed investment processes, in particular as part of a wider pre-sale investigation and recommend possible remedies


- Representing clients before inspections and other types of administrative bodies, especially in the case of inspections and appeals to higher administrative bodies or complaints to administrative courts about illegal actions of administrative bodies

- Ongoing advice at the investment development stage, including personal or remote participation in supervisory boards or construction steering committees

- Advice on disputes arising from the implementation of investments, including support in the proper preparation of evidence and description of claims, e.g. regarding additional works or additional costs



The scope of our activities

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