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We provide legal services to clients of the insurance sector. Our insurance team has extensive and many years of experience in servicing the insurance industry and consulting in the field of insurance products.

We have market-leading consulting experience in the field of large and complex insurance claims, handling 2,000 insurance cases annually. We have experience in representing insurers and reinsurers in the investigation and enforcement of recourse claims in court proceedings.



Winning* of property cases %


Winning* of personal matters %


Winning* of tangible property cases %

*The amount of the dismissed claim up to the amount of the entire claim


Winning* of personal communication matters %


WINNING* of material and communication matters %


WINNING* of cases from the consequences of accidents %


We put a lot of emphasis on conciliatory negotiations.

We assess in which cases conducting such negotiations is advisable, and then we consistently conduct such negotiations.

We make many settlements, but they are always good deals for our clients.

NAt the invitation of insurance companies, we have participated many times in thematic conferences organized by the Polish Chamber of Insurance.

We will handle any case, but agree that sometimes a case cannot be won… ..but you can always reach a good settlement.



The services provided by the Law Firm include, among others:


- Conducting court proceedings on behalf of insurers, conducting negotiations

- Advising insurers on general terms and conditions of insurance

- Issuing opinions on internal financial regulations


- Comprehensive advice on the processing of personal data and consumer profiling

- Regulatory advisory services relating to the financial sector, including the requirements of regulatory authorities, such as the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection




The scope of our activities

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The Art of War by Sun Zi (Sun Tzu)